Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pokemon X Review

My Son was very excited when we received a downloadable code for the new Pokemon X  game, for his Nintendo 3Ds to review.... He is really enjoying the adventure so far....The adventure begins in Vaniville town in the Kalos region, which is a forest and shaped like a star, the main city is called Lumoise.

He first of all had to chose if he wanted to play as a boy or a girl, he chose a boy character with a similar appearance to his own..he then meets Professor Sycamore, this is where he is entrusted with a Pokemon to begin his adventure.

Professor Sycamore sends you out on your adventure with your Pokemon, my son has Chespin, he has to train him and get him ready for battle with other Pokemon..There are many places to visit along the way like Santalune city that has a large fountain in the centre of town...There are also so many Pokemon to discover along the journey, from Articuno(ice master) to Zapalos(storm maker) and even Moltres with fire to heal wounds.

This is an amazing colourful world, with beautiful and smooth graphics. There is always adventure and challenges around every corner, plus you use your map to navigate and learn new skills to train your Pokemon in defensive and offensive battles. My son is still enjoying playing Pokemon X 



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