Monday, 24 February 2014

Fun on the Ice

I am really happy to be joining in with this weeks #magicmoments as it has been a while, We have had so much going on lately from works going on me having problems with my foot that was operated on back in 2012.

We have quite a few Magicmoments to share, but the one i want to share this week is my Sons very first go at Ice Skating..we went along during the Christmas Holidays..he was really really excited.....when we arrived we went into the reception area so they could collect their ice skates..since it was my sons first attempt i said maybe he should use the penguin until he gets confident enough..but he said he would be ok......anyway after a few goes around with his dad and slipping and sliding around...he changed his mind and said he wanted to to try it with the soon as he got the penguin he was off and there was no stopping him.
It was brilliant to see how much fun he was having......after a little while it started to pour down and we all got soaking wet....when the session was finished we went to get something to eat.....we all had a really lovely time and the next time i hope to join them on the ice.


  1. Looks like great fun x definitely on my to do list with my boys x

  2. wow i would love to take my kids ice skating it looks like immense fun! it is lovely to have you linked up anytime you my lovely xx

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xxx

    1. I am sure they would enjoy it too, always a pleasure linking up with #Magicmoments xx

  3. I love ice skating but I'm not great at it - I usually end up with cuts all over my ankles!

    1. sounds painful, i hope to get on the ice next time we go..fingers crossed i don't fall over xx

  4. All my kids love ice skating, such fun #MagicMoments

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