Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cricut Mini - Review

Me and my son love everything arts and crafts, so when we were asked if we would like to review the Cricut mini the portable lightweight cutting machine...we were very excited and couldn't wait for it to arrive.

The Cricut mini comes with a little information pack with easy to follow steps on how to get started, i found the Cricut mini very easy and straight forward to set up with the computer.

My son really loved that the Cricut mini came with a very first project which was creating a lovely Thank you place your card provided on the sticky cutting mat..with one push of the smaller button the paper is drawn in a little...we then had to go to the craft room on the computer...using the drop down menu we selected my cartridges then the Thank You card...the images pop up on the bottom of the computer then simply drag the image onto the virtual cutting mat displayed on the computer screen..before cutting you select type of card you are using Light/Medium/Heavy, you are them prompted to select the depth and pressure ..which is very very then press cut and the machine does all the work.

We were very impressed by how quick and effortless the Cricut mini cuts...with all of the pieces cut out my son began gluing the pieces together and ta da da da da first project complete..

We really had so much fun we couldn't wait to get started on some new projects..we began looking at the other images we could use and created some fun Halloween cards and a mini gift bag, We then did some Christmas cards. I like to bake so i chose to do some Halloween Cupcake wraps..i am really amazed at the very intricate cuts the Cricut mini can do..and that you get such a professional can really get creative using this Cricut mini machine, and it doesn't just stop at using card you can even use other materials such as fabric,cork and acrylic and magnet..which we cannot wait to try out..we will look forward to sharing our other creations soon.

Halloween cards and mini gift bag

Christmas Cards

Halloween Cupcake Wraps

Disclosure : We were sent the Cricut Mini to review, all thoughts and opinions are honest and are mine and my sons.


  1. Oooh very jealous - would love one. Not least because my scissor cutting skills are so pathetic ;-) Alice @ Mums Make Lists

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