Monday, 23 September 2013

My Son got his bike back - #MagicMoments

My son was going to visit his Nan & Grandad Friday evening with his Dad, on the way round they decided to stop off in McDonalds...they had their bikes with them so they secured them with a chain just outside...When they had finished they went to collect to bikes only to find they had both been stolen...the only thing left behind was the chain that had been cut in half..

My son was really upset as he hadn't had his bike for very long..we brought it for his 9th birthday in July...His dad called the police to report what had happened..then they went to visit Nan & Grandad...later in the evening i was due to finish they met me at the tube station..the police station was on our way home so we popped in to talk about what had we were explaining what happened..the man on the desk asked for my sons Make and Colour of his we were telling him he said "we have it here, someone has brought it in" we were really really son's face lit up as soon as he was reunited with his was a real Magicmoment for him..he dads bike is still missing....but we are really pleased my son got his bike back..we really thought we would never see it again.

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Have a great week


  1. That is a real magic moment. How wonderful that it got handed in to them. What are the chances?? Food for thought though, my hubby and our 7yr old Wriggler always stop by our local mcds on their bike rides and leave their bikes outside (locked up).
    linking up with #magicmoments

    1. he was so happy to get it back, we will make sure we buy a much stronger chain xx

  2. My son would be so upset too if someone took his bike, so pleased you got it back. He certainly looks pleased!

  3. Oh wow! Not often that happens. It's such a sad world that we live in where people feel the need to steal other people's property.

  4. awww i am so pleased he was reunited with his bike, its amazing that he got it back :-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  5. So glad he got his bike back x What a terrible thing to happen, at least it had a happy ending x

  6. Oh wow! So glad he got it back!! x

  7. So nice that someone brought it in. Sad when someone steals a child's things isn't it? My son had his scooter nicked from our shed & I don't want to tell him because he's already worried about burglers.

    1. it really its terrible that someone can actually do that xx

  8. That is incredible, what luck! :)

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