Friday, 20 September 2013

Eco Stationary - Review

We have always recycled our house hold waste, as we know it is good for the environment we live in. so when we were asked if would like to review some Eco stationary from the Remarkable range that are made from recycled materials...stocked by memoetc we jumped at the opportunity. 

When our parcel arrived i waited for my son to finish school before we opened it, as soon as he opened the box and saw the pencil case that was made from a Car tyre he said "this is awesome" there was also a ruler and pens made from corn on the cob..coloured pencils made from recycled CD cases and note book made from recycled leather..

My son couldn't wait to start using his new stationary....we really like the texture of the Pencil case that was made from a car tyre it felt surprisingly very soft but strong at the same time..the red recycled leather note book is also very son will really enjoy using this to write out and practice his timetables.

We were really impressed by the ruler and pens that are made from Corn on the cob. it is amazing that corn on the cob can be recycled to make such fantastic stationary for everyday use...My son has also enjoyed using the coloured pencils made from recycled Cd cases, they are feel really smooth making them nice to hold, plus they are also very easy to sharpen...we are really impressed with the Remarkable range..not only are they are very cool looking design and care for the environment, they also make great gift ideas.

memoetc carry a wide range of products including the Bic kids felt tip pens which we also got to review..they are ultra washable and water - based, they are very easy to remove from skin and fabrics with warm soapy water..these are a real winner because no matter how careful my son is when he is coloring in..he always seems to get covered in felt tip pen.

We were also sent a lovely A5 soft feel note book, ruled with a marker ribbon..i really like this as i can carry it around in my handbag as i am forever writing things also has a little pouch at the back to use for any additional loose papers/letters.

To see more of the Remarkable range please pop over to memoetc 

Disclosure : the above products were sent to us for review purposes ..all comments and opinions are my own and my sons.


  1. Its quite amazing what can be recycled and what it ends up as - brilliant idea

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