Monday, 19 August 2013

Unexpected #Magicmoments

We Recently visited Hampton Court Palace, just before we caught our next train home, we spotted a massive park just across the road, so we decided to take a quick look...we were very amazed to see Deers roaming was great to capture some photos of them.

The Deers didn't seem to be bothered by us, so we were able to get quite close to was a very lovely but unexpected #Magicmoment

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  1. They are such beautiful animals aren't they, I get deer at the bottom of my garden sometimes and I always get so excited to see them, ours are a bit more skittish though and certainly wouldn't pose for photos!

  2. Lovely pictures - well done that you managed to catch them on camera.

  3. wow what a stunning creatures!! i so love the unexpected it really does make you feel good too.

    thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  4. We used to live down that part of the world and I miss seeing those deer! There is something mystical about them and I could sit for hours watching them - this post brings back some find memories x

  5. How fabulous seeing all these deer - well done capturing them (photographically speaking!)

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