Monday, 12 August 2013

#Magicmoments, learning to ride a bike

I was recently given a second hand bike, I have never owed a bike and being an adult.. I was defiantly a little bit nervous... but it was the perfect opportunity to start learning how to ride a bike.

It was abit of a wobbly start, but touch wood i haven't fallen off yet, (reaches out and touches the table lol) we have really been enjoying bike rides out to the park as a son has even been giving me a few tips here and has really been great fun plus it is keeping me fit at the same time.

I am not confident enough yet to start riding in the roads, but hopefully that will come soon.

I am joining in with the olivers madhouse for this weeks #magicmoments, please click on the badge above to join in, i will look forward to reading your #magicmoments..have a great day xx


  1. Well done for trying it out as an adult - think sometimes we are too worried about our dignity to have a go at new things.

  2. yay!! check you out! we are hoping to start biking at a family soon too.

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  3. Good luck! I've not ridden mine for ages, it is nice to get out in the fresh air together isn't it - maybe I'll hop back on the saddle!

  4. Well done you, you sound like you did far better than I did. I fell off! Husband laughed a lot :)

  5. well done for learning as an adult. I love riding my bike, just wish I made more time to get out there and enjoy it