Monday, 20 May 2013

Nursery School - #MagicMoments

These are some photos from my son's memory book of Nursery School, the school put these books together for every child, they even write down in the books the things the children say...i came across this book the other day while i was having a sort was really nice to look through and see all the lovely photos and the little things he had said.
He really loved nursery he enjoyed playing outside on the bikes and running around he really loved having the freedom to go from room to room and explore..he also liked to do Painting...i always knew when he had been painting at nursery because he would come home covered in it lol.
We live very near to the nursery he went to, he often tells me how much fun he had there..he made some good friends that also went to the same primary school as him.

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  1. I love looking through my eldest, Wrigglers nursery record book. what I loved about it was that it was an insight to a world we didnt get to see.
    My little one moved up to school with some of the same friends he made there too. we still keep in touch with all the friends though and have regular play dates. Friends forever they'll be!
    Lovely post. youve made me want to dig Wrigglers book out now though! :)

  2. its really lovely isn't it to look back on their nursery years, my son loves to look at the book too, i am glad he has lots of wonderful memories of nursery. xx

  3. how lovely the nursery takes the time to make these books so you will have a lovely keepsake for him!

    Thank you for sharing with #magicmoments :-) xx

    1. your welcome, it is a lovely keepsake to have xx

  4. What lovely memories. My 6 Year old had a great time at his nursery in Denmark, he still talks about it now! :)

    1. aww that's really nice, he has great memories of nursery xx

  5. so many amazing memories at nursery school x

  6. It's great to look back! What a great find. I'm saving most things from my son's nursery....maybe I should do my own wee book!

    1. you should, its nice to look back on xx

  7. My son's nursery do something similar for him and I love having a look at all the photos and crafty things he's been making. It's so nice.

    1. aww that's nice that your sons nursery does a similar thing xx

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