Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Wow these weeks sure are flying past, i am linking up with Kate who blogs at The naked mum for this weeks #wobbleswednesday..

I wish i could say i have lost some weight this week, but unfortunately i have stayed the same..(11.5)  i only have myself to blame as i have had a couple of Chinese take aways and indulged in some chocolate.

I have still been doing plenty of walking, i walked 6 miles on Monday and Tuesday..but i haven't quite motivated my self to getting the fitness Dvds out.

My plans for next week are
Keeping up with the walking
Couple of Dvd workouts
cut down on the sweet treats.

i will pop over to see how you have all done this week xx


  1. staying the same is far far better than gaining! i might need to invest in some fitness DVD's!

  2. Well done for staying the same! Its not a gain.
    I struggle to lose weight at all, so I am always glad to see now gain xx

  3. Well done, maintaining is still great - i know as i spent a good couple of weeks just maintaining. I think its also harder if you've got less to lose, you are much the same weight as me, I found the fist stone easy and now its slowing, but don't give up, mine is chipping off really slowly xx

  4. It's not always the number on the scales that matter. Walking and getting fit is bound to benefit your body. Bet you're toning up and losing inches. And it's great to be able to have a couple of takeaways and some chocolate - without piling on the lbs

  5. Well done for keeping up the walking, good luck for the week ahead
    Jeannette @autismmumma