Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I am linking up with Kate from The naked mum for #wobbleswednesday, we are all on our weight loss journey..good or bad weeks we share it is great to have the motivation and support from others.

I am still doing my daily walking home from work, 3 miles per day...i have also managed to squeeze in a couple of runs..This Sunday i am taking park in a 5k run/walk for Comic Relief, i am really looking forward to has been quite a shock to the system to start running i haven't ran for years so my legs are definitely feeling it.

Eating wise really good apart from the chocolate..why does it taste so good lol? i am blaming this on my weight staying the same (11.6) as its very high in calories...But on a good note i feel fitter from doing the running and walking.

My plans for next week
Keep up the walking
Couple of runs
Cut down on the chocolate
Drink more water.

As always i will look forward to reading how everyone has done this week.

Have a lovely weekend xx


  1. I think many of us have reached a plateau. Maybe it will just take a week or so to crack and start losing more again. Well done on exercise xx

  2. There seems to be something in the air this week...a lot of people at my slimming world group either stayed the same or gained this week.
    Here's hoping we all have a better result next week!

  3. It's a pain when the scales don't move, but you're doing fantastic with all that exercise. Good luck for next week x

  4. Have a great time on Sunday. I have certainly stopped loosing over the last couple of weeks! :-(