Saturday, 2 March 2013

Scooter Fun

After having such a busy half term the other week we wanted to spend this weekend at a slower pace, we had a few errands to run this morning and headed of to our local shops..its quite a nice long walk there and back..

My son decided he wanted to bring his scooter... he loves to be on his scooter at every given opportunity....we chatted and laughed along the way..he was telling me all about his week back at school as well as doing a few tricks on his scooter..

I am linking up with Country Kids..if you have any outdoors fun to share click on the badge below.


  1. scooters provide such great fun dont they? your boy looks very pleased to be out on his x

  2. It's great to see the children out enjoying their scooters and bikes, there are some great skate/scooter parks around. Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

    1. he has been to the skate parks with his skateboard, but he wants to take his scooter next time as he will be able to do more stunts, his skateboard is a bit more tricky to use xx

  3. My son likes his scooter too. And they are so easy to take out. X

  4. Scooters really are the best for a great way to get kids out and about in the fresh air getting some exercise! Nothing seems too much like a chore anymore.

  5. I'm really considering getting our eldest a scooter for her birthday. Your son looks like he's having a great time on his

  6. scooters are brilliant. my two love them x