Monday, 11 March 2013

My Baby Boy #magicmoments

12 week scan
We wanted a baby so much, we tried for a couple of years but it just wouldn't happen, so when i found out i was finally pregnant in 2003..that was a truly a magical dreams of becoming a mum came true...i love my little boy more than words can say.

our little boy means the world to us

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  1. This is a most magical moment!! these pictures are amazing!! your scan picture is so so clear! and o love babies when they are all fingers and hands!

    Thank you so much for linking up with my linky #magicmoments i feel very honored you have shared this post x

  2. The photo of your son is so gorgeous. I always think its magical looking back at baby pictures. I agree with Jaime - a very clear scan picture x

  3. Those first squishy newborn pictures and ultrasound scans are such precious memories! Lovely picture. Makes me all broody! ;)

  4. It is the most magical of moments, it took us nearly 14 years and I still remember the buzz od having a scan and there being a baby. When you look at your wee son in that newborn pic wasn't he so worth the wait x

  5. Lovely post! And that photos - those hands :) Just gorgeous.

  6. Parents everywhere, whose children weren't conceived easily, will understand how magic this was for you. A large number of the responses to this link-up (including mine, thanks for visiting) are to do with the beginning of something - or someone!