Monday, 18 March 2013

#Magicmoments - Passing my Driving Test

me with my little one in the back, couldn't find a pic with me in the driving seat.

I took quite a few driving lessons, and had a few driving tests lol, here's what happened.

1st Test failed...this was for parking in a parking space my wheels were touching the white lines.

2nd Test failed...I had to reverse around the corner, it was going really well, but then my back wheel touched the curb, i knew instantly i had failed and was really gutted.

3 I decided to use my own car, i did all of the manoeuvres correctly, he then wanted to see my i was driving along my L plates kept coming off...they were magnetic..since i had no other way of securing them..he had to end the test.

4 ,I decided you use my car again, L plates were stuck firmly in place.... i wasn't taking any chances all went really well...I passed my driving test in July 2006..this was a fantastic Magic Moment..whooooo hoooo although at them moment i don't own a car.... it's nice to know i can drive : )

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  1. well done! I am amazed I passed my test when I had to do a parallel park! Think theres a part of my brain missing that makes it impossible! passing my test was one of the best moments of my life!!

  2. SUCH a great feeling! Bring on road trips and mix-tapes (ah, gave away my age there!) xx

  3. It's a great feeling. Don't leave it too long before getting another car if you can. My husband made that mistake and rarely drives nowas a result.

  4. Yay well done. I passed 2nd time. 1st time I stalled the car doing my 3 point turn. Examiner was a right arse! Thankfully there was no theory test back then xx

  5. Woo hoo!! It's a fab feeling isn't it?? xx

  6. Well done on passing...magic moments x

  7. OMG i so remember that feeling of passing my test, it was so immense i cried for the whole day! that sense of freedom is amazing.

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  8. A great memory and that sense of freedom to know you can drive!

  9. I still can't drive and loathe driving, and am too freaked out to want to try any more, so I think this is definitely a magic moment, one day, maybe I will get mine! ;)

  10. Passing your test is a definite magic moment. Just knowing you can step into a car an escape is fantastic

  11. One of the best magic moments, I passed 3rd time, I thought I would never pass x x

  12. That really is a magic moment. For me it was third time lucky.

  13. I just passed mine this week, first time i cried as soon as i was told i passed i said Jesus, I've waited a very long time to gain the courage to to the test, im quite older this meant so much to me the power of prayer is amazing.

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