Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am linking in with Kate from The naked mum for this weeks #wobbleswednesday, welcome back Kate i hope you had a great time in Orlando.

Last week my son was on half term, so i didn't manage to fit in any extra workouts apart from the extra walking we did on our days out.

My healthy eating slipped big time over the weekend, we enjoyed some chocolate eggs..but it didn't stop there, i also enjoyed a lovely fresh cream raspberry turnover and a few other bits and bobs...oooh but i did enjoy them lol.

Since Monday i have been back on track with my healthy eating, i have been walking home from work everyday, which adds up to about 3 miles per day.. i am pretty happy with this...I have still been adding extra veg to my meals and keeping up my water intake...I have also added a protein shake into my diet as its easy to do and keeps me full especially as sometimes i run from one job to another.

I have weighed myself today like my eating it has gone up and down, i weighed in at 11.6, hopefully next week i will see a loss.

I will look forward to reading how everyone else has done..have a good week xx


  1. I need some motivation to get losing again. Half term is always a difficult week. xx

  2. Holidays and Half Terms can be enjoyed and then back on track. Have a fab week. Sounds like you are doing lots of positive things.

  3. I think half term is always a danger zone ! Thanks for joining in on our Sunday weigh-in linky :)(Anyone else who wants to add a link can do so at - the more the merrier !!)

  4. I think this weather doesnt help either! it getting me down as i dont really want to go out. Will keep my fingers crossed for better weather next week

  5. I've been on the chocolate eggs too. Well done on the walking and good luck for next week x