Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I am joining #wobbleswednesday hosted by the lovely Jeanette who blogs at ditchflabgetfab while Kate is in Orlando.

So my week so far, my son has been on half term this week,  my eating has been reasonably healthy i have added extra vegetables to my evening meals, but i haven't managed to squeeze in any extra workouts. apart from extra time this week has been spent going to my part time job and spending the rest of my time with my son....we have enjoyed some time over the park and visiting family, which has been really lovely.

Next week i hope to add in some workouts and wave goodbye to the excess pounds, this week my weight has remained the same..

I will look forward to seeing how everyone else has done this week.


  1. Glad you had a lovely week with your son while on half term. :-)

  2. Def agree about the veggies, they're the core bit of my regime. Having to do this as anon otherwise I can't comment lol. Good luck for next week x Jeannette @Autismzmumma

    1. it really does help topping up with extra veggies, thanks for leaving a comment xx