Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weekly Weigh In #wobbleswednesday

Since last week, we have eaten out and also had a take away, instead of going for the low calorie option, i had exactly what i fancied, this did take me over my recommended calorie we have a few chocolates knocking about in the house..oooh yes i have had a few of those lol.

Yesterday i didn't complete my food diary on the fitness pal, so i'm not too sure how many calories i had.

I have still been doing my walking, so when i weighed my self this morning, i wasn't to surprised to see i had gained a little weight...i have put on one pound exactly, so today i weigh in at 11st.4Ibs, i am not to disappointed with this, to be honest i thought i had gained more.

My goals for next week are, more walking plus a couple of workouts.

I hope you have all had good results this week #wobbleswednesday.


  1. Hope you get back on track next week....ive not been filling in my fitness pal every day either....most just cant be bothered but must keep track of my calories xx

    1. aww thanks, sometimes i get side tracked and forget to fill it in.

  2. Must be one of those weeks as I was so like you this week. Also pleased it was not more than 1 pound on. See you next week for an amazing weight loss. Thanks for linking up again.

  3. sometimes you have to have what you fancy or your would go mad and would begin to feel deprived and then jack in the dieting all together! loving your trainers!

  4. I'm pleased you're not letting the gain get you down :) Good luck for next week xx