Saturday, 23 February 2013

Half Term Fun

We have had such a lovely half term, although it has been freezing cold.. we were lucky enough to have a little bit of sunshine here and there... my son wanted to go to the skateboard park to practice his skateboard skills...he enjoys watching the older children doing their stunts..he can't wait until he can do the same things as them.

We also went to the museum of childhood.. we enjoyed looking at how much toys have changed over the might recognise some things in the photos below.


  1. your son is enjoying the skate park we have one near us but my two are too small for it.i would love to visit that museum - i bet it was very nostalgic and brought back some happy memories x x

  2. We took our children to a skate park this week and they had a great time, although poor Clio did break her arm! The museum looks fab - I would be quite happy taking the children there and reminiscing. Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

    1. i am glad your children had fun at the skate park, sorry to hear that Clio broke her arm, hopefully it will heel soon xx

  3. Is that the Museum in Bethnal Green? Love it there! Lovely photographs, jealous of all that lovely sun too! :)

  4. Looks like a fun half term - we did a mix of active stuff and museums too.