Friday, 1 February 2013

Baker Days, Letterbox Cake Review

I was absolutely thrilled to get the opportunity to review a letterbox gift cake from Baker Days 4/5 portions,  I picked the lovely cake with the cute teddy from their valentines range, i picked this one for my son as he likes to give me hugs.

I was wondering how a cake would hold up coming by post, i never thought it would have been possible to post a cake.
The cake arrived securely in a box, inside was a very attractive tin also a cute little card and a small packet of love hearts.

When we opened the tin...there was the beautiful son was so excited to see the cake and couldn't wait to have a slice..

What is great about Baker Days is you can Personalise from over 300 have the option to add a photo and some  text ....they have cakes for all occasions, you can also choose which flavor you would like,  they even do a Gluten and wheat free option.

These cakes are so beautiful, and would be a joy to receive..for more information please pop over to

can't wait to tuck in
lovely soft sponge

We all really loved this beautiful cake, not only did it look fantastic it tasted lovely...i would definitely recommend them as a great gift.


  1. I want one!!!! You are the 2nd review I've read and they look fab! my kids would love this x

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