Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Still trying #wobbleswednesday

Here we are it's week 2 #wobbleswednesday, so how am i doing...

I  have slipped since last week healthy eating was my nephews birthday so i found myself indulging in some birthday cake,  we also went to MacDonalds at the weekend..apart from that my eating has been healthy.

On Sunday afternoon while i was doing my regular chores i was thinking to myself i really need to fit in more there and then i thought that's it.... i changed into my workout clothes and jumped on my Cross Trainer i was able to do 30 minutes, i also manged to do some sit ups and hand weights....i have continued to do this for 3 days running and i have managed to lose 1 and a half pounds, it's not as much as i would have liked but at least is going in the right direction. hopefully next week will be better.

I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else has got on...remember stay positive xx


  1. Well done!! It's hard to get back into exercise and healthy eating.
    I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant so I'm trying to get into swimming and in a few weeks yoga!!

    Now following from

  2. Well done. Don't be hard on yourself about the cake etc, its a family birthday that needs to be celebrated. Congratulations on the 1 1/2lb loss , any loss is a great achievement.

  3. Well done and good luck for next week.

  4. Well done! I've been grabbing my kindle and getting on my exercise bike! Keep it up xx

  5. Gosh, you are so much better than me at this! Oh well, I can try again tomorrow *brushes biscuit crumbs from mouth*...

  6. Well done. I keep trying to start a regular exercise routine but haven't got into it properly yet. I will do it, it's just finding something that's not too boring!

    Good luck for the week ahead xx