Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Reasons #R2BC

Yay it's Thursday and time for # R2BC.. I hope you are all keeping nice and warm, I left for work this morning and it was -4 brrrrr

My first reason to be cheerful is my lovely new blog design created by Julie at mama owl thank you so much i really love it.

As you know we went to kidspace last weekend, all the children had a lovely time and enjoyed themselves, they can't wait to go back again.

Thursday is my son's swimming day at school, last week he went under the water and it scared him, he seemed to be ok about it up until today....he got really upset and didn't want to go to school, his teacher said she will talk to the staff doing the swimming lessons today..i just hope he has a good lesson  and feels confident again.

We are really looking forward to some family time this weekend, we are just planning to stay home and relax and spend some quality time together, my son is hoping it snows because he wants to build a snowman.

Please pop over to mummy from the heart to join this fab linky

Wishing you all a great weekend xx


  1. Oh your poor son! I hope the staff help him get over it. Miss owl is responsible for my design this week too! Xx

  2. Have a wonderfully lazy weekend. I am chatting to my sister in Winchester and she has just told me that the weather forecast is for 10 inches of snow. Very strange for me as I live in South Africa and we are in the middle of a heat wave!! :)

  3. Julie has done a fab job of so many blogs recently - it looks super!!
    Fingers crossed for snow, preferably tomorrow so no work hehe.
    I hope he enjoyed his lesson x

  4. let hope we get snow...I cant wait let alone the kids!!!! have a fab weekend x

  5. Hope your son was OK yesterday.
    Here's to a lovely family weekend

  6. Hope the swimming improves, I'm sure it will. I'm also looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the family! Lovely new design x

  7. I like the new design too - the colours are lovely and the images really suit.