Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Reasons #R2BC

I can't believe it's Thursday again and it's time for R2BC
So here are mine

1)  I have been sticking to my healthy eating...I just need to exercise more to help shift the excess pounds.
I worked late last I am feeling very tired today.. I just hope I am not tempted to have sugary snacks.. This is something I normally do when I'm tired.

2,  It was my son's first day back at school yesterday.. I always worry when he goes back after a break, as it takes him a couple of days to settle back in...but lucky enough he was ok.

3, We are really looking forward to weekend my nephew won a competition a while back, the prize is a trip to kidspace In Romford.. The kids can't wait.... They have been before and they love it there.. Lets hope the snow stays away.

Please pop over to Michelle at mummy from the heart who host this fab linky.

Wishing you all a great weekend xx


  1. ooo are you related to Mummy Be beautiful?! Have a great time at Kidspace. Well done for your little one settling in at school, my R2BC sounds very similar this week x

    1. We are sisters, kids can't wait till Saturday for kidspace xx

  2. Settling back in is a big issue for me, so I'm glad it went well! I want to win a competition!!!! have fun lol x

  3. I'm glad your son settled back into school well and well done for sticking to your healthy eating! Have a brilliant weekend! x

  4. Loving your first one. Well done you! Have you thought about low cal sweetner so you can make sweet treats without the worry on weight? Only saying cos I just got some. Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Enjoy the prize, how fun! I'm glad your son settled in well x

  6. Well done on sticking with your healthy eating...I wish i could say them same :(

  7. Well done on the exercise and glad your son settled down at school okay.

  8. well done on sticking to the healthy eating. my healthy eating has really gone downhill this week as I have given in to the temptation to snack in the evenings. Well done on the prize win. xxx