Monday, 14 January 2013

Getting back to Fittness

I used to be very fit and healthy, I was walking 30 miles per week, doing 50 minutes on a cross trainer two times a week and also high impact fitness DVDs.

I always made sure my meals were healthy and full of nutrition, if i was going to be out i would always make sure i had something healthy with me to eat.

My Healthy routine all changed in 2012, when i had two foot operations one at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year..i tired so hard to get back on track after my first op when it was safe for me to do so.

I would be ok  for a few weeks, but i didn't have the motivation i needed to carry on, after my second foot op i was not eating as healthy as i should be..i was unable to exercise, and i noticed an increase in my weight, i felt so tired and sluggish.

It is now safe for me to start exercising again, I have started by making important life style changes to get me back on track. I have gone back to my healthy eating ways by meal planning...I still like to have a bar of chocolate but it will be in moderation.

I have increased my fruit and vegetable intake and swapped unhealthy snacks for healthy ones, as for my exercise i will build up slowly as i am no where near at the fitness level i once was..i do not want to injurer myself and have a set back, i am going to start by walking and by doing some low impact fitness DVDs, it might take me a while to get there, but these changes are for life, they have to be..i am not getting any younger.

I loved how i felt when i exercised, it gave me the energy to get through my busy days, I looked and felt healthy..My clothes fitted how they should..I am really looking forward to getting back to feeling like me again.


  1. I too have made important changes this year. I was incredibly fit and healthy until I turned 18, to the extent I wanted to be a PE teacher/sports instructor, but when I fell pregnant it all changed. I used it as an excuse to eat for 2 and ate junk piling the pounds on thinking it would fall off after birth... which it didn't. 2013 is my year to lose 3 stone, get fit and healthy again.

    Good luck for getting back on track. maybe join in with Naked mums #wobblesWednesday for support :) x

    1. thank you for your comment, i too found it hard to lose weight after giving birth to my son..good luck with your weight loss too xx