Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Getting back on track #wobbleswednesday

It is the time of week again to share how we have been doing... I stopped my exercise as i was feeling quite run down, i had a few mouth ulcers come up eating hasn't been as good as it could have been either.
We had a takeaway over the weekend..and i have also had a few sweet treats..i wasn't expecting to lose any weight this week, but i am glad to say i have not gained any.

so to help me get back on track i have decided to make good use of the fitness pal app i have sitting on my phone, it will help me as it tells me how many calories i need per day, i can also add in any exercise that i do.

So hopefully next week will be a better week for me, I am looking forward to reading how you have all done this week.


  1. Not gaining should be seen as a positive, it means that even with treats you haven't gone overboard. Oh, I have the my fitness pal app. tweet me @cherriemayhem if you want to swap usernames on the app x

  2. Well done on maintaining this week and good luck for the week ahead xx

  3. No gain is as good as a loss I reckon - usually a precursor to a good weigh-in the next week!

  4. I have had the same kind of week as you, however i gained a little :-(

    heres to a better week this week xx

  5. Well done for not gaining and good luck for next week.