Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Book Reviews of The Tiny Twisted Tales Collection

We Received some great books from My Little big Town Publishing to review, they are 3 books from The Tiny Twisted Tales Collection, these are the stories from the mind of UK illustrator and author Calvin Innes, they are a fab collection of scary,spooky,strange,and wonderful stories.
Pale Henry
Gather round children, let me tell you a tale,of a young man called named Henry, who was terribly pale, He looked gaunt and sickly from his head to his feet, Haggard and thin, and as white as a sheet.

My son read this story to me and he loved it, he said Henry should go outside and play with the other children, he felt sorry for him sitting in the loft with all the bugs and spiders, later in the story Henry faces his fears of being so shy, he plucks up the courage to join in and play with the other children. This was a real feel good book it encourages children to be themselves and join in, we loved the illustrations it makes reading so much fun.

Stuart The Bug Eating Man
Stuart would eat bugs, with his fork and with his knife,much to the disgust of Harriet his wife, He'd munch them,and crunch them, legs and all,while they wriggle and squirm and scurry and crawl.

This book really appealed to my 8 year old son, he loved looking at the illustrations of all the bugs and spiders, in between laughing and pointing at the pictures he would say yuck and er, he enjoyed reading the book aloud to me, he really liked how the words rhymed with one another..he said he liked they way Stuart used his talent to become rich and successful. 

She would play in the rain, the thunder and lightning, And in all the places, other kids would find frightening! you see jenny is made from a different mold..she's a werewolf hunting eight year old.

My son really enjoyed reading this book, he liked Jenny's character, because she likes monsters, and not all the girly things, he said she was brave for hunting the werewolf's, he loved looking at all the illustrations.. one of his favorite parts in the book is when Jenny stands in front of the door, and the werewolf is coming towards her, she steps out of the way and the werewolf gets his head stuck in the cat flap.

All of these books were very entertaining, they are very easy for a a child to pick up and want to read because of all the wonderful illustrations.