Wednesday, 5 December 2012

PKTMNY - Financial Life in The Family

When I first heard about PKTMNY I found it very appealing, as it would enable my son to establish good saving and spending habits.

He is now very happy with his very own PKTMNY account and debit card.

He really enjoys going online to check his savings, to see how near he is to his saving goals.
I like that he is now responsible for managing his own money, how much he saves and how much he spends. I also like the fact I can set his spending limits, my son likes that I can add tasks and chores for him to do, to earn a little bit of extra money.

I have always encouraged my son to save and be responsible with money. Before my son had this account he did save, but then he would get bored and lose sight of his goals.  PKTMNY account has totally changed this, it has had such a positive impact on us as a family.

My son has really enjoyed creating his wish list, he can now see what his saving goals are, being able to see this on the computer screen has made it so much more achievable. Also seeing him excited about saving is brilliant.

PKTMNY has given my son such a positive attitude towards saving this will be something we can carry forwards to the future.

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This post is sponsored by Britmums, which is part of the PKTMNY launch.
All views expressed are my own personal thoughts and opinions.

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