Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Reasons #R2BC

What are you reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3 here are mine.

1, yippee just 12 sleeps to Christmas so looking forward to spending time with my family, just hope we will all be free of our coughs and colds.

2, I took my son to see Santa at Westfield Stratford in London, we had a lovely time, before we went into see Santa they had a short animation for us to watch, it was about an Elf called Elbow that saves Christmas, all the children in the audience had their photos taken beforehand, so their faces could appear throughout the film on presents, my son really liked that.

3, I am looking forward to meeting up with one of my friends next week who haven't seen for a while, it's nice to have a good catch up about what has been going on in our lives.
Please pop over to pressies by pebbles who is hosting this fab linky this week.


  1. Lovely reasons for being cheerful. So so excited about Christmas.
    Thanks so much for adding your post.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Pebbles x

  2. Sound like your son had a good time...have a nice day out with your friend x

  3. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and I too am so looking forward to special family time.
    Santa trip sounds awesome.

  4. Lovely reasons. It sounds like you and your son had a great time and how cool is it to include the kids in the short film! Have a brilliant time with your friend next week x

  5. that Santa's grotto sounds fun- glad you enjoyed it. xxx

  6. Yay 12 sleeps! We saw a little film as well when visiting Santa, it's so nice watching their faces!

    1. It was lovely, my son had a big smile on his face, when he see his face appear on the present in the film xx

  7. That animation sounds great! Lovely reasons x