Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cars 2 Monopoly

It has been a freezing cold weekend, we have all got coughs and colds so we decided to play some good old fashioned board games, my son picked Cars 2 Monopoly, he got this as a present last year, its a modern twist on the old and much loved Monopoly.
This game is 2/4 players you can choose which character you want to be, my son always goes for Finn McMissile,  you all start off with £13.00, instead of rolling a dice to go, you put lightening  McQueen on the track and give him a push what ever number you land on, that's how many spaces you move. if you land on the character you can buy it as long as it hasn't already bean purchased,  if it has been purchased you will have to pay the amount stated on that card. When you buy a character card you place a black tyre on the board to show that is has been bought, if you are lucky enough to buy the pair, you add the little red truck and place the tyre on the front, of course if you own the set you will earn more money if someone lands on your character,
It has chance cards just like the original monopoly.
This is such a great fun game for all the family.