Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fitness equipment how much do we need

I have bought so much fitness equipment over the years, i am always looking for something to make my hips smaller and legs leaner lol, I finally got rid of a few items that were either being used as a clothes horse or collecting dust,  i think back to some of the things i have bought and thought why did i buy that lol, i had this thing that looked like the planet Saturn, ball in the middle and you stand on the ring around the edge and bounce up and down, i probably fell of it more times then i was actually on it.

I just still have a couple of items, I always go back to like my air stepper, its easily stored under my bed, my cross trainer is very old but till does the job although it has developed an annoying squeak,  I love  my DVD workouts, oh yes and hand weights must not forget those, these help keep my bingo wings in check.

what piece of equipment have you bought and thought but why?


  1. It's amazing how much we can accumulate on the quest to become fit and healthy...I have so many DVDs...but I love them all lol

  2. OOo one off them balls like saturn, i remember them. Now i have to go and find where it is!

    leyla [thisdayilove]

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