Thursday, 22 November 2012

Achica Christmas Blogger Breakfast Event

I was very excited to be attending the Christmas blogger breakfast in London Courtesy of Achica.
This was a great opportunity to learn about some brilliant company's, this was a very festive event.
We had a chance to get creative, we decorated Wreaths and garlands with Festive, we did some fab card making with Five Dollar Shake, we also did dried fruit garlands with Konesar.

ACHICA is a members-only luxury lifestyle store, where members can indulge in an array of private sales, each open for just a short while.  its a one-stop destination for chic and desirable luxury lifestyle brands, ACHICA offers coveted, 100% genuine brands at breath taking prices.  ACHICA’s buyers take time and care in carefully selecting each individual item to ensure that only the most stylish designer products appear in their sales.
Their promotions take place throughout the week, with fresh ones starting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The virtual doors open at 6.30am – make sure you get to the sale bright and early to avoid any disappointment, because when something’s gone, it’s gone for good. Members receive emails prior to the opening of sales, with sneak previews and details of what will be on offer – be sure to make a note in your diary so you don’t miss out!
I have recently just become a member and i love it, I wish i had signed up sooner, I can't wait to pick up some great bargains just before Christmas,  please click on the link below to be sure you do not miss out on some fantastic offers.               

It's free to join, so become a member now by clicking ACHICA Registration        
I really enjoyed decorating the Christmas card from Five Dollar Shake, so much detail goes into these cards, I can really see why they have won best Christmas Counter awards for the past 7 years.
Five Dollar Shake is an Exquisite, Luxury, Greeting card and stationary brand.
Each Five Dollar Shake design is uniquely made in it's entirety in the UK, they use wonderful components that are carefully sourced from around the world, and are made from sustainable and renewable forests, they have become a global company.
Five Dollar Shake have also launched a Bespoke wedding stationary service, Everything from Invitations, save the date cards ,RSVPs and table seating plans, to find out more details please click here

Their most recent addition is a bespoke personalised greeting card website, they currently have over 100 designs to choose from, Including Christmas, All totally editable and hand finished with genuine Swarovski crystals, please click here to see the range
Please visit for your nearest stockists or to buy online.

We decorated some lovely wreaths and garlands using Festive Productions products, they have a fantastic selection of over 7,000 products across several categories ranging from, Tinsel, Trees, Lights, Baubles. The One Stop Christmas Shop

They have everything from Home & Garden D├ęcor to everyday gifting and Floristry.

Festive Productions has a long tradition of UK manufacturing, they are the only UK manufacturer of tinsel garland a Capacity of 80,000 meters per day.
For more information on this fantastic company please visit
Festive supply to all the major retailers around the world, you can buy their amazing products from the following company's.
This is just a link to a few of them, they are also stocked in Next, Harrods, B&Q, Sainsburys, Robert Dyas, and many more stores.

I made a very beautiful garland using dried oranges, lime, apple and cinnamon, the scent was divine.
Konesar supply the finest hand-crafted door wreaths and swags, utilising natural ingredients, both dried fruit and flowers.
In addition they craft beautiful candles, pomanders, pot-pourri and hearts. It is their aim to provide you with a constantly changing selection of exciting new floral home decorating products and gifts; incorporating the latest trends and colour fashions in our designs.

With their Design Centre they are able to offer their clients bespoke designs, tailored to any event or theme. All utilising natural quality ingredients, handmade in the UK with care.

they have  many years of knowledge and experience in the business of dried flowers.
With every step of their operation from design, to handling and shipping, carried out with care by their team of professionals. When it comes to consistent damage free shipping of dried flower arrangements across the UK and Europe, we know what it takes - your satisfaction is guaranteed!
You can find a brilliant range of Konesar at   please visit their website for more information








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