Wednesday, 28 November 2012

1926 - Park Adventure Game

1926 Wood Flooring have created a game called ‘Park Adventurers’ which includes trivia questions about objects commonly found in parks and other natural spaces.

Me and my son are really looking forward to going to our local park to try this fantastic game, We really like to get outside in the fresh air.

Children will learn about natural habitats, British wildlife, litter and other facts about trees, whilst exploring their local park or natural play space.

There are also sections to stick on collected items, such as leaves and pine cones, and areas to colour in with tree rubbings, as well as other fun activities that will keep younger children amused during the cooler weather.

The game can be downloaded as a PDF from 1926 Adventure GameThere is also a badge, that can be printed out to make a real badge or sticker to reward children once the game is completed.

For more information on 1926 wood flooring please go to


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