Monday, 22 October 2012

Wii Party Review

If you are looking for a fun game for all the family, then look no further.
Wii party has more then 80 different mini games.
You can play up to four players, but you will need a wii remote for each player, you play the games using your mii character.
You can choose to play party games, this consists of Board game island 1-4 players takes about 45 mins.
Globe Trot 1-4 players 65 mins.
Mii of a kind 1-4 players 30/45 mins.
Spin-Off 1-4 players 30 mins
Bingo 1-4 players 15 mins.

Pair games,(two player games) these include Friend Connection,Balance Boat,Match up. These are between 5/15 minutes to complete.

House party,consists of Animal Tracker,Hide n Hunt,Time Bomb,Word Bomb, Buddy Quiz, these are also between 5/15 minutes to complete.

Mini can choose from free play, Battle,Solo,challenge.
Just to name a few of these fab games ,Derby Dash,Maze Daze,Zombie Tag,Balloon Buggies.

You can buy Wii party from around £22 pounds.
We always have so much fun playing will party, great for those rainy days.


  1. I love games like this. I dont have the Wii anymore (moved over to xbox) but when I did these were the games I enjoyed playing (more than my daughter!) lol.. Another great one if you like this is Sonic and the secret rings.. lots of party game modes on there too x

    1. oooh my son loves Sonic thanks for the tip xx

  2. Sounds like a fun