Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Operation

I am almost 2 weeks post op, I had a Bunion removal and my big toe straightened on my right foot, I also had bone damage from osto arthrits. the technical term is (Chevrons and Akins Osteomies)

Before surgery
On the day of my surgery 13th September,  I had to be there at 8.30am, there were also other patients waiting for surgery, it was my turn to go into see the anetheatist at 10.30 am.  I was given a few anethisic injections in my foot, it's a local anthestic which means being awake through the procedure, when the area was completely numb I was wheeled into surgery,  I took my iPhone in with me so I could listen music while the surgery was going on. The staff were really nice and made me feel at ease.

The surgeon came in, as soon as he started I put my music on, 40 minutes later surgery was over and I was taken to recovery. They made me a cup of tea, a while later they took my blood pressure, after about an hour later I was discharged to go home.  Having already had my left foot done in April I knew I would have pain over the next couple of days, all I could really do was take pain killers and keep my foot elevated.

 A week later I went back to hospital to have my bandages changed and x-rays taken.  I am using crutches to get around at home, as most of my day is spent keeping my foot up to help the healing was my second follow up appointment, they said the x-rays look good, my stitches were taken out.  My Foot is swollen and bruised, they have also changed my bandages and  I still have to rest my foot as much as I can. It's still to early to put any weight through my foot.. Next week will be week 3, I will post my progress then.

After surgery
Titanium pins